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Are you protected from malware?

We have robust systems in place to protect our computers and network from attacks from malware and a virus, though we understand that these may not always be sufficient.

We strongly advise all parents to read the advice below as, by just taking a few simple steps, it can greatly increase your defences against ransomware.  The three most important steps to take are:

1.    Ensure you are running the latest version of software and operating system available and install system and app updates on all devices as soon as they become available;

2.    Make your that you have anti-virus or anti-malware software on all devices and keep it updated;

3.    Back-up regularly: create regular back-ups of your important files to a device (e.g. external hard drive) that isn’t left connected to your computer – if it is not, any malware - such as ransomware - could spread to that, too.

Further excellent advice and technical guidance has been issued by the National Cyber Security Centre and can be found here:


If you have been affected by ransomware, please report it straight away via the cybercrime reporting portal at Action Fraud via this link: